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This is the easiest way for you to play your first rock song within a week… even if you haven’t played an instrument before! Step by step, we’ll show you for free how to play your first song.

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Master complete songs, elevate your playing skills, and jam freely with Great Guitarists easy step-by-step approach! Our comprehensive online training has all you need to achieve your goals, accessible anytime, anywhere. Choose your online course and level up your guitar game with precision and flair!

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Conrad Before

This is how Conrad’s journey began. His foremost challenge: Achieving clean guitar playing and mastering complete songs.

Conrad After

Over the next 11 months, he made significant progress through the lessons in the rock guitar courses.

Christoph Before

After 9 months, Christoph’s rhythm and riffs were on point. Now, he needs to focus on improving his solo playing.

Christoph After

After another 11 months, Christoph has no problem jamming freely with others.

Ivo plays with the acoustic guitar.

Florian rocks with his acoustic guitar.

Kay with his Telecaster

Hear Husi playing with ease

"I am constantly on the road for work, and my guitar playing had completely stagnated before I could ever really get good at it. Thanks to your lessons, I have made significant progress, and most importantly, I have stuck with it this time. So, first of all, a big THANK YOU to all of you!!! I can highly recommend Great Guitarists! Keep up the good work!"
"Hey guys! I've completed the first 4 weeks of my guitar journey, and I'm loving it! It's astonishing what you can accomplish in just 4 weeks when you put in the effort. I made the right decision by choosing Great Guitarists!"
"After watching the initial course videos, I am truly thrilled!!! You convey a sense of enjoyment in playing the guitar while providing high-quality instruction. Your videos are clear and calm, taking the pressure off and showing how to handle frustration when things don't go smoothly with playing. These are important tips as well."
"I started learning to play the electric guitar about a year ago. Initially, I had a teacher, but I faced issues with fixed schedules and felt like there was a lack of a clear learning concept. I wasn't making much progress. However, during my summer vacation last year, I stumbled upon your website and was immediately impressed. I decided to purchase the basic rock course, and within just two weeks, I made more progress than I had in half a year with my previous teacher. Now, I am finally able to play something for my family that resembles great guitar music."
"I just wanted to express how impressed I am with your amazing guitar course! It's truly well-designed. I also appreciate the quick and responsive personal contact when I encountered a minor technical issue. Keep up the great work!"
"I'm thrilled to have purchased your beginners program and have been practicing on the fretboard with unwavering enthusiasm ever since! Your concept is perfect for me, with its flexible scheduling and professionally structured content that is unbeatable. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to learn from your course and make progress on my guitar journey. Thank you for creating such an outstanding learning experience!"

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Playing guitar should be a breeze and a blast. We believe there’s no greater joy than jamming to your favorite tunes or rocking out a killer solo on your guitar. It’s about having a great time, sharing your music with loved ones, and making new friends through music.

That’s why we’re committed to delivering the finest online guitar lessons and empowering our students to achieve their goals. At Great Guitarists, we pour our passion into helping you succeed on your guitar journey, because we believe that playing guitar should be a source of pure joy and fulfillment.

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Get FREE weekly news for rapid guitar progress and accelerate your musical journey…

Get FREE weekly news for rapid guitar progress. Apply simple tips to your playing immediately.